Policy: Lexbe-Assisted Uploads

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) customers have various options for uploading and ingesting data into LEP.

Customer-Handled Uploads

There are no upload or processing charges for Customer-handled ESI uploads into LEP.

Free Lexbe-Assisted Standard Uploads/Ingestion for Subscription Plan Customers

Uploads performed by the Professional Services team for Subscription Plan Accounts (Installment or Prepaid), with a six-month or more remaining term on the Account, and where the data to be uploaded is considered standard under Lexbe's current Customer Support Policy, will be without charge. Free uploads include a standard 24-hour turnaround time, standard load files and transfer procedures, and fully-automated processing. 

Please note that according to the amount or type of data uploaded, some jobs can take up to three business days to complete. Other upload or ingestion services, beyond those described, are billable hourly as Professional Services (see below).  To submit a new upload job for handling by Professional Services, fill out the form located at the bottom of this page and email to Professionalservices@lexbe.com. 

Lexbe-Assisted Uploads/Ingestion for Non-Subscription Plan Accounts

Lexbe-Assisted uploads/ingestion for Flex Plan and other non-Subscription Plan accounts are billable hourly as Professional Services (see below).  To submit a new upload job for handling by Professional Services, fill out the form located at the bottom of this page and email to Professionalservices@lexbe.com.   

Billable Assistance by Lexbe Professional Services

Our expert Professional Services staff stand ready to assist clients with uploads and productions on request.  Other than standard uploads/ingestions for Subscription Plan accounts, this assistance is billable hourly at $150.00.  Billable Professional Services include upload ingestion assistance of any kind for Flex and other non-Subscription Plan accounts and assistance outside of Standard Loads/Ingestion for Subscription Plan customers.  

Standard Uploads/Ingestions

Free ESI uploading/ingestion for Subscription Plan customer includes native data sets in Lexbe-supported formats and industry standard production data sets and load files for importing productions. Any data upload that falls outside of these parameters or is damaged/corrupted and needs repair may require billable work to correct. Placeholders will be generated for any files that cannot be converted to review format either due to the file type or issues with the file (corruption, etc.). A placeholder report is available in LEP or the Professional Services department can generate one for you. Manual processing of these file types or manual replacement of placeholders with corrected files is billable. 

Examples Not Within Free Upload/Ingestion Policy

The following are examples of services outside of our free standard upload/ingestion services for Subscription Plans, and billable hourly for Subscription Plan accounts:

Increase GB Usage on Upload

Upon upload/ingestion of ESI by clients directly or with Lexbe assistance, the GBs in LEP will increase, and additional charges may accrue depending on the specific plan.  Storage charges are based on all ESI in an account, rounded up to the next largest GB, including uploaded and processed native, image and other files, OCR text, system-created PDFs, briefcases and productions, search index, and related database usage, for the highest GB usage in the month. Unneeded briefcases, productions, container files, and ESI should be deleted by the Customer to avoid unnecessary account charges. Deletions of ESI from an account during a month will not decrease that month’s usage (billed generally early next month), but will reduce subsequent usage and resulting charges. 

Transferring ESI to Lexbe for Upload/Ingestion

Customers have various options for transferring files. 

Overnight Courier. Files on thumb, flash, hard drive, and CD/DVD may be delivered (customer's preferred delivery method) to the following address: 


8303 North MoPac Expressway

Suite B-225

Austin, TX  78759

If you are sending to us for FedEx Saturday morning delivery, please ask Professional Services for our alternative Saturday delivery address. 

Dropbox. Additionally, clients may electronically transfer data, up to 20GB, via a secure Dropbox link we will set up on request for data transfer.  Contact Professional Services when ready to transfer and Professional Services will provide a link to submit the data.   Dropbox links expire within seven (7) days after set up, and cannot be accessed by anyone other than the original recipient of the link.

Simplified Web Transfer.  We also offer simplified encrypted web transfer for customers on request.   It is appropriate for relatively small transfers and for people with less technical experience.

Third Party Cloud Services.  We support ESI transfer from Dropbox, Box.com, and other cloud services.  Hourly charges may apply depending on the service and transfer time.

Additional Questions

Please contact Lexbe Professional Services to set up a secure FTP account, other secure web upload account or for other questions.  

For new jobs to be handled by Professional Services, fill out the Lexbe Data Ingestion Form attached to the bottom of this page and send to Professionalservices@lexbe.com.