Learning Tutorial - Basic Search

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) Search Strategies

This search exercise will take less than 20 minutes to complete and utilizes various search techniques in LEP

Part 1: Sample Data Set Processing & Ingestion

Part 2:  Case Keywords Set-Up

Part 3: Search Exercises

    o     Simple Search

    o     Stemming Search

    o     Boolean

Part 4: Search & Filter

Part 1. Sample Data-Set

þ  Sample Enron data-set available to download at bottom of page

þ  Ingest email PST file into LEP. Instructions on adding documents to LEP can be found here

o   Sample PST is 3.89 MB

o   The processing takes less than 10 minutes

o   The PST file renders 54 documents

o   Additional information can be found here on ESI processing in LEP

Part 2. Case Keywords

Applying case keywords will keep specified terms persistently highlighted without having to re-run the search. This feature is also used to manage a list of terms in a set of documents, without having to select filters or open the Search page (no advanced search terms).

þ  Set up Case Keywords for the following Boolean search term query: symes OR migration

 The Case Keywords will appear highlighted in the OCR and HTML viewers if the terms are available in the document.

** Note: The Case Keywords will be persistent until a user modifies the list by navigating to Case > Case Keywords > Edit

Part 3.  Search Exercises

A.     Simple Search

þ  Enter the following search term: Montana

(The search will recall 7 documents)

B.   Stemming Search

þ  Enter the term “trade” into the search bar and check the option for Stemming Search. 

(The search will recall 15 documents)

C.      Boolean Search

þ  Enter the following search string: prebon AND deal

(The search will recall 5 documents)

þ  Enter the following search string:             enpower w/10 peak

(The search will recall 8 documents)

Part 4.  Search & Filter

In addition to search, LEP allows search results to be further targeted with the ability to apply filters. A simple search for “Symes” will result in 52 hits. To narrow those results, a filter for emails sent to a specific person can be applied.

þ  Enter the search term: Symes

þ  Filter using filter option under General Coding in the field 'To':    Kimberly Hundl