Email Time Zone Offset


Email times are stored in Outlook MSGs as Universal Time (GMT) and a local offset is used (local computer) to adjust to local time when displaying in Outlook. If the user changes the local time on a computer, the displayed time in an Outlook email will change as well. Whenever an email is opened, Outlook automatically converts the local time on the computer or network server to GMT, changing the time fields (e.g. sent, received). Outlook does not support an absolute time option for email messages traveling between different time zones and multiple senders.

How Time Zones are Assigned in the Lexbe eDiscocvery Platform (LEP)

Upon upload to LEP, the Universal Time (GMT) of the email is extracted and stored. If no offset is applied on upload, GMT will be the time displayed on the email in the Document Viewer. This is recommended for cases with multiple time zones. We do not adjust for Daylight Savings Time.

The user may assign a time zone offset when batches of files are uploaded to LEP from the Case->Add Case Documents page. The default is Universal Time. The user has the option to change to the local time zone.