Case Notes

Location: Analysis >> Case Notes

The Case Notes feature allows users to create and edit notes that are associated with documents in the case. Case Notes are added via the Doc Viewer, and can be shared with all other users in the case or be kept private. Notes can be imported and exported on the Case Notes page, and may also be exported on Browse by exposing the Notes field.

Accessing and Editing Notes

Notes are displayed on the left side of the screen. Notes with a red icon are Shared, and notes with a blue icon are Private and only available to the user that created it. Click on a specific note to view or edit its contents. Click Save to retain any changes, or Cancel to leave the note unchanged.

Case Notes Display

Searching Notes

To search the Title and contents of the available notes, use the search bar in the upper left portion of the screen.

Deleting Notes

Click the X next to the note you wish to delete. Click OK to confirm and delete the note.

Exporting Notes

Notes can be exported to Excel for filtering and printing. To export, click on the vertical elipses in the upper right corner and select Export All Notes.

Exported Notes in Excel

Export All Notes

Importing Notes

To Import Case Notes, users need to complete the following steps:

1. Populate and save an Excel sheet titled "Case Note Import." The sheet should be populated with the fields shown below. A Case Notes Import Template may be downloaded from this page as well.

2. From the Case Notes page, click the vertical elipses and select Import Notes.

3. Select the file you created in Step 1, and click OK.

4. Review Case Notes to confirm the number has increased by the number of notes added through importing.