Case Notes

Location: Analysis >> Case Notes

Case Notes allows creating notes that are associated with a given case document. Case Notes can be shared with all other users in the case or can be kept private.

Instructional Video: For video instruction on creating notes and running reports on notes, use the following link.

Navigating to Notes

The notes report shows one note per row. The Shared column shows whether the note is shared with all other users in the case or is private.

Creating Notes

To create a new note, open the Document Viewer and select the Notes tab. See Notes for more information.

Editing Notes

Click the Edit link to update the note. If the note was created by you, there will be an option to change its status from private to shared or vice versa.

Deleting Notes

To delete a note, select the row and click Delete Selected Items in the Delete control section. Click OK to permanently delete the note from the case.

Searching Notes

On the left side of the screen is a search box that allows searching the title and contents of all notes. Data can also be sorted by clicking on the column titles in the main table.

Filtering Key Documents

Use filter to show in table format the checked and unchecked key documents.

Exporting and Printing Notes

Export to Excel allows the user to save the current view in the browser window to Excel. Select the notes to export and click Export to Excel. The exported Notes can then be printed from Excel.

Importing Notes

To Import Case Notes, users need to complete the following steps:

1. Populate and save an Excel sheet titled "Case Note Import" as follows (Case Notes Import Template attached):

2. Go to the Analysis tab, then Case Notes and select "Import";

3. Select "Choose File" to browse for the "Case Note Import" file created in step 1;

4. Click "Import" to generate the Case Notes from the "Case Note Import" file; and

5. Review Case Notes to confirm the number has increased by the number of notes added through importing.