Manual Annotation

This section is accessed from the Document Viewer>Doc Tab. Files may be annotated directly in the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) or the user may upload documents that have been annotated outside of LEP to a case. The second option requires the user to annotate the document on a local computer using a local program such as Acrobat Pro or another desktop annotation tool.  If an annotated document version of the same file already exists, uploading a new annotated PDF will overwrite existing annotated documents.  

Download a PDF Version to Annotate

Open the Document Viewer of the Document to Annotate (there must be a PDF displaying in the Doc tab).  Download the PDF file to the local desktop (download within the Doc tab).  When complete, go to Browse page and under the Filters>Select Filters section filter on Original to Annotate or Highlight.  Download all to Briefcase and then save to desktop.  If not already in PDF format, convert to PDF using Acrobat Pro or another PDF utility or print driver.

Annotate or highlight on local computer using Acrobat Pro version 8 or another PDF annotation tool. 

Upload Annotated Versions Of Files

When done annotating, upload the new annotated version directly in the Document Viewer page, Doc tab>Annotation field

To complete this action, click on the Upload button for the applicable task and refresh the page.  Once the upload is completed the Annotated tab will display its version in the Document Viewer page.  The user may still view the other version from the Page, Doc and Original tabs.

Which Version Will Be In A Production?

Only the PDF versions NOT annotated/highlighted will be automatically included into the productions under the PDF, TIFF and TEXT sub-folders.

Annotation and Quality Control

Annotation in LEP 

The user may annotate/highlight files directly in LEP by choosing the Open Annotation Editor button. See Annotation for more information.