Manage Custom Case Fields

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This page describes how Admin Users may create an unlimited number of custom case fields as either checkboxes or text boxes, in addition to the following built-in Case Fields which are viewable only from the Case Details page for the cases in an account:

**Please note: 

Adding Case Sections and Fields

Case sections are organized into expandable fields. Set up one or more sections to contain and organize the fields.  Examples of Case Sections include the following: Case Management, Parties, Case Status, etc. 

Adding Sections or Fields from the Manage Custom Case Fields Page

If adding a field to a new section:

If adding a field to an existing section:

Add Field Window

Editing Custom Case Sections and Fields

Editing Section and Field Names

Moving Sections and Fields

To move a section:

** Note, that moving a section will move all of its' fields with it

To move a field:

Deleting Custom Case Sections or Fields

To delete a section or field: