Review Set Batching


Lexbe’s Review Sets are designed to accommodate multiple reviewers per set.  Review Sets can contain an unlimited number of documents. The process of reviewing documents within a given set is accompanied by a special batch process that prohibits any document from being checked out more than once.  This ensures that a document is not reviewed multiple times by the same or multiple reviewers.

The batch process is in a continual review.  Progress can be monitored, per user, by three separate default reports in the Account>Review Tracking page.  The default reports are:

Daily Docs Reviewed

Hourly Review Rate

Total Hours Reviewing

These reports can be universal, or filtered down per specific review set and/or any other filter option.  

Creating Review Sets Based on Custodians or Date Ranges

The two most common parameters used to set up document pools for review are 1) per Custodian and 2) per Master Date filters.

Review Set names can be customized for easily identifiable details such as document pool description or review team assignments.

For specific instructions on creating and naming review sets, please see Review Sets (Create Set)

In the event that document pools are desired to be divided per specifications other than custodian or Master Date, please see Custom Review Set Batching

Monitoring Review Progress

Aside from the automatic review tracking reports, there are several features within LEP that can be used for more specific tracking.  Below are a few of the most commonly asked questions.

How many documents have been reviewed in the set and how many are left to review?

From the Account>Manage Review Sets page, an Administrator can select any given review set and the details page will display the review set status, number of remaining documents, number of documents in review, number of reviewed documents and the total number of documents in the set.

How do you spot check documents for QC that Bob Smith has reviewed?

From Browse screen, filter on the review set and select Bob Smith’s username in the Reviewed By box.  You can also apply any other filter such as responsive coding or custom tags. A saved quick filter link can be set up for each user by applying the filters once per user and then saving the filter or easy one-click access.  The document pool will update dynamically based on the filters originally applied.

How do you see the documents in the Review Set that still need to be reviewed?

From Browse screen, filter on the review set and check NOT above the Reviewed By box and proceed to check every reviewer username.  This will provide all documents in the review set not reviewed by one of the reviewers.

Additional Assistance

For questions or additional assistance, please contact Lexbe’s Professional Services department at