Enhanced CAD Processing


This technical note describes the Enhanced CAD Processing service offered by Lexbe’s Professional Service team.


Auto CAD files can be difficult to OCR and extract text from in order to index and make as searchable as possible.  This can be largely in part due to the oversized nature of Auto CAD, non-standard fonts, imaging and inconsistent orientation of text.  Lexbe offers a post-processing step that includes a specialized offline conversion process to optimize the documents for maximum searchability.  This offline conversion reformats the Auto CAD files as needed to make the text more searchable with OCR. Performing this as a post-processing step rather than a pre-processing step, allows the Auto CAD files to be uploaded among the rest of the original data set maintaining the original source file paths accurately.  Once the document records have been created within the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) database, the Auto CAD files are then exported, run through the offline conversion process and then the output PDFs are merged into the original LEP document record where indexing will automatically rerun for these files. This is a best practice that gives you the largest searchable data set for reviewing drawing files for construction matters.

Additional Information

If you would like additional information, or to receive a quote for the Enhanced CAD Processing service on a current project, please contact professionalservices@lexbe.com