Text Highlighting


This Technical Note will describe to Users how to highlight important text in documents using a variety of methods in the eDiscovery Platform. 

Hits View

The Hits tab is located in the upper-left of the Document Viewer. It will include a synopsis of the part of the document that contains a search hit with the hit word highlighted. This tab will only be available in the Document Viewer when opening the document from the Search page.

Click Text to switch to the Text tab and Page to switch to the Page tab for the current page in the hits result. The other tabs will not have the highlighted text, however, by clicking "Page" in the Hits tab, users can then Navigate to the exact place in the PDF or Page view where the word or phrase is located.

Case Keywords

Case Keywords allows Admin Users to enter multiple search terms that become persistent highlights in the Html and Text tabs of the Document Viewer when documents are opened from Browse.  This feature is also used to manage a list of terms in a set of documents, without having to select filters or open the Search page (no advanced search terms). As a security precaution, only Admin Users can create a group of terms to be highlighted by case.  

How to Find Highlighted Terms Using Case Keywords

Go to the Browse page and click on a document title. To see the highlighted terms, switch to the Html or Text tab from the Document Viewer. See Case Keywords for more information on this feature.

Annotation Editor

Attorneys and others doing case review may highlight the PDF version of files without affecting the original document.  From the Browse or Search pages, click on the title of the document to be annotated, navigate to the Annotation section under the Doc Tab and click the Open Annotation Editor hyperlink.

See Annotation Tab for more information on how to use this feature.  After annotations are saved and applied, a new tab called "Annotated" will appear in the Document Viewer showing the highlights made on the document. The PDF tab will still show a clean copy of the document.

Upload Document Manually Annotated or Highlighted Outside of LEP

The user may also upload PDF files that have been highlighted outside of LEP with Acrobat Pro or another desktop annotation tool by choosing the Upload Manual Annotation button.  If annotated document versions of the same file already exist, uploading a new annotated PDF will overwrite existing annotated documents. See Manual Annotation for more information.

Highlighting on Transcripts

Users can create an Annotated version of a transcript and place permanent highlighting for ease of reference later in the case. These highlighted references can be made as facts and issues as well, which will place them into a timeline. 

For additional information on any of these features, please contact Professional Services.