Secure FTP - Sending Files to Lexbe

We support FileZilla for transmission of ESI by SFTP for uploading to the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) or other eDiscovery services. This technical note describes the open source platform and settings the user should use during transmission. Username, password, and files will be encrypted to ensure data security. There are SFTP programs other than FileZilla, however, we cannot guarantee they will work.  

If an FTP is needed, Professional Services will set up a login username and password and send an email with instructions for file transmission. 

Cautions For Use

This feature is recommended for users with advanced skills in operating system administration.

Prepare Files Prior to Transfer to LEP

Files should be compressed in a ZIP or RAR container file or files prior to upload.  See ZIP/RAR Files for more information.  We cannot accept unzipped/rared files as it increases the chances of data corruption during transmission.  Unzipped/rared files also take longer to upload and download. 

The SFTP transmission is secure and also requires explicit FTP encryption.  If encrypting the ZIP or RAR container files before transmission, send Professional Services an email containing the password.

It may be necessary to put a port on the Windows Firewall Exception list for transmission of the files.  

How to Get FileZilla

FileZilla is a free and open source software server that supports FTP and SFTP which provide secure encrypted connections to the server. This program is a fast and reliable cross-platform FTP. It can be downloaded free of charge under the terms of the GNU General Public License.  It is available for download on both Windows and Mac platforms.  Use Chrome or Firefox when working with FileZilla.  

Installing FileZilla

From FileZilla, click the download hyperlink in the left panel.  See Client Installation for more information. 

Select the file appropriate for the user's platform from the FileZilla website.

Choose a location to save the software (e.g. Desktop)

Once the download is complete, begin the installation by clicking the installer icon.

Choose the language and click next until the FileZilla homepage opens a connection to the local computer.


To connect to Lexbe's secure FTP server, go to File->Site Manager->Select New Site and then use these settings: 

* We will send the user an email notice providing both the username and password.

Unknown Certificate Warning

The first time the user connects to the Lexbe FTP server using FileZilla, there will be an “Unknown certificate” warning. Click “OK” to proceed. FileZilla, by design, does not automatically install the Root Certificate in the Certificate chain on the client machine. Instead, all certificates are presented as unknown to the user and it is up to the user to manually accept the connection. This is how FileZilla works.  Once the connection has been accepted, the connection will be established and will be secure.

Be sure to use the latest version of FileZilla as older versions are not compatible with the latest hashing algorithms. 

Transferring Files 

Upload or download a file by dragging the files from one side and dropping them on the other side. It will be added to the transfer queue.  The transfer starts automatically. Windows users can also transfer directories and/or multiple files.  Select them and right-click the selection.  Click on Upload/Download in the popup menu.  

To add files to the queue so that they will be transferred later, select them and drag the files directly into the queue from the popup menu. Click on the Process-queue-button.png button on the toolbar to start the transfer. Or click on a file, drag the file (a box is added to the arrow cursor) to move to the intended directory.  Transfer Time and Transfer Alternative

Large transfers can take quite awhile and are subject to Internet connection speed.  See Internet Connection Speeds for more information.  Alternatively, the user may provide files to Professional Services via flash drive, portable hard disc drive or DVDs/CDs.  Flash or portable hard drives are best.  CDs/DVDs can cause file corruption and other problems.  Professional Services can also send files on flash drive or portable hard disc drive. 

Additional Help

Contact Professional Services for issues related to uploading or downloading.  To generate a log file which Professional Services can use to detect root problems follow the steps outlined below:

                                From FileZilla select menu Edit->Settings…

                                Select Logging.

                                Check the checkbox “Log to file” and save the log file to the location of choice.

                                Connect to Lexbe FTP through FileZilla.

                                Locate the log file on disk and send it to Professional Services in an email attachment.


The SFTP account and password should be kept confidential. The account should not be shared with opposing counsel or others for a production unless the user is sure that no confidential or unintended information is included. 

SFTP Account Temporary

SFTP accounts are for temporary transmission and not for regular or permanent storage. The user should upload or download files as soon as possible. The account is subject to deletion after 10 days unless special arrangements are made.