Remote Collection+

Remote Collection

This technical note describes the Remote Laptop/Workstation/Cloud Collection process and procedures.


Lexbe Professional Services department offers the Remote Laptop/Workstation Collection+ service for remote collection/imaging of custodian files from laptops and workstations using Harvester software.  This service allows electronically stored information (ESI) resident on local computer drives of custodians to be remotely collected with minimal inconvenience. This service applies to laptops/workstations as well as cloud/network drives.  


The process for this service is as follows:

1. A Lexbe client orders the Remote Collection+ service by completing the corresponding job order form:

Remote Laptop/Workstation Collection Job Order Form

Remote Cloud/Network Collection Job Order Form

2.  The Job Order Form should be sent to Lexbe Professional Services at

3. Lexbe Professional Services will provision a portable USB hard disk drive with the Harvester remote collection software set up for the specific job and send the drive and instructions (also attached below) to the contact specified for the collection in the Job Order Form.  The specified contact could be the custodian (person who uses and possesses the computer to be collected) or an on-site IT professional.

4. The custodian will follow the instructions shipped with the USB drive, a copy of which are attached below.  The process will generally involve plugging the supplied USB drive into an open USB slot on the laptop or workstations, and clicking on a specified link to begin the remote collection.

5. For security purposes Lexbe uses encrypted hard disk drives when physically shipping by any carrier.  These encrypted disk drives include a keypad for entering a preset confidential PIN to allow drive access. The shipped drive will include the PIN (as there is no confidential data then).  The on-site person starting the software should enter the supplied PIN and then destroy it (do not return) it with the drive.

6. The collection process is ‘click and forget’ and does not require special technical expertise.  The collection software runs in the background and the custodian can continue to use his or her computer while the collection takes place.  Alternatively the custodian could start the software before going home for the evening and the collection should be complete by the following morning.

7. Once the collection has completed (generally, a couple of hours), the custodian should unplug the drive, pack in the return envelope provided by Lexbe, and return to to Lexbe Professional Services.  Lexbe provides a pre-printed USPS Express Mail label and shipping box for that purpose.

If the onsite person doing the collection (custodian or local IT professionals) has any questions or problems, he or she may call Lexbe Professional Services at 800-401-4710, or email, or open a support ticket via

Please note, our troubleshooting assistance involves live, remote login.

For more information on Remote Laptop/Workstation collections, please contact