Account Hibernation

Hosting data on a hibernated basis (no client access) at a reduced monthly charge is available as outlined below:

    • Lexbe offers various case or account hibernation options for larger cases.

    • All coding and metadata is preserved in hibernation.

    • The flex rate for a hibernated account is discounted from the regular flex rate ($5/GB) and is subject to a minimum monthly account charge ($100/month).

    • To request account hibernation, ask your eDiscovery Solutions Director for a quote and instruct Professional Services to hibernate case(s) or an entire account.

    • Standard three day business turnaround time applies to hibernate case(s) or an entire account.

    • There is no account/case access during hibernation.

    • A hibernated account can be restored in three business days.

    • Professional Services hourly charges apply at the point of activation and deactivation of hibernation status.

    • When an account/case(s) is hibernated, we do not preserve users or permissions. At the time a hibernation is deactivated, Professional Services will need instructions on user access to the account, specific cases, and permission levels.

    • Regular Flex Billing (rather than the hibernated rates) will apply for the month hibernation is activated and the month hibernation is deactivated.