Case Dashboard

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This tool is used to visualize the case document count as a function of time, which in turn facilitates the detection of potential gaps in the collected data.

Drop-down and Calendar Charts

The drop-down list shows the year followed by the corresponding doc count in parentheses.

The calendar charts provide a quick, visual representation of how many documents were uploaded by date based on the Master Date field. Each square in the chart represents a day, and the colors range from white to dark blue. The deepest blues indicate the highest number of documents uploaded on a particular day. To find the number of documents for a given day, hover over the corresponding square and a tooltip will show the count for that date. In the example below, a total of 30 documents were uploaded to the case on August 1, 2001.

Filter Doc Count

The Filter Doc Count is a horizontal bar graph ranging from 0 to the highest number of documents uploaded. This can be used to filter outliers in order to better see the range of the remaining documents.