Page View

Location: ->Document Viewer


The Page tab is used to view a PDF version of an uploaded document one page at a time. From Search, Browse, or Facts & Issues, click on any link to a document to open the Document Viewer, and select the Page tab. When viewing large documents, the Page view can be faster, particularly if there is no need to review every page.

How to View a Page for a Specific Bates Number

When opening a document with multiple Bates numbers, Page View allows the user to select a specific page of an individual PDF. Select a page from the Showing Page drop down list. This will open the page of the document selected. For example, CONFID 0000001 (p. 1):

This feature is only available on the Page View and is based on the Bates field entry.

Showing Pages

To navigate through the pages of the PDF document, click the Next Page or Previous Page arrow.

To add information to the document page opened, click the coded data fields: Disc, Notes or Facts tabs located on the top-right corner of the screen.

Rotate Pages

All documents in the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) are read-only. The only way to permanently change the rotation of a document is to download it, change the rotation (through Acrobat Professional or some other PDF editing software) and then re-upload the document to LEP.