Produced View

Location:  Document Viewer >> PRODUCED


The PRODUCED tab is available in the Document Viewer after a document has been produced one or more times within the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP). The Produced-View displays the produced version of the document inclusive of the Bates stamp and confidentiality designations, and the document can be directly downloaded or printed in the produced state. The starting Bates number of the document and the title of the Production in which the document was produced appears in the gray area under the PRODUCED tab in the Document Viewer (see image below).

Multiple Productions

In some cases, a particular document may be produced to multiple parties requiring different Bates numbering. If the document has been produced multiple times, a drop-down list appears in the Produced-View displaying the respective Bates number and production identifier.  The user may toggle between the different produced versions to display each production accordingly.

Printing from Produced-View

A production PDF may be downloaded and/or printed directly from the Produced-View.  Select the respective produced document, then hover with computer mouse over the Produced-View to display the “DocServe” bar. Once the DocServe bar is displayed, click either Save to File or Print. Note:  All LEP PDF productions are produced, downloaded and printed in the colorized state originally received.  

Privileged and/or Work Product Documents

The Produced-View only displays Produced documents and not Withheld documents (Privileged and/or Work Product). The tab appears if a document was Produced (as opposed to Withheld) and only if the corresponding production has not been deleted.