Location: The second tab located near the upper right of the Document Viewer.


To access the Document Viewer, click any link to a document in the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) from the Search, Browse or Facts & Issues pages. Under the DOC tab in the right-side panel of the Document Viewer, four sections are displayed: Document, Document History, Split Doc/Remove Pages, and Translation. More information regarding each section in this tab is provided below.


Compare: The built-in compare feature will compare the text on two separate documents within a case and highlight the differences. This can be helpful when reviewing email chains or near duplicate documents. For more information see Document Comparison Tool

Description: Users can enter a short description or comment about the document.

Folder: Click on the hyperlink to change folder assignment.


Doucment History

The Document History tab contains a log of all coding changes made to documents in LEP. It contains the date and time of the change (in Universal Time), the change that was made, and the user who made the change.

Document History

Split Doc / Remove Pages

The PDF splitting function enables users to split a PDF document resulting in one or more new PDF documents made up of only the PDF pages that were extracted from the original PDF. The original document is not affected. The user that sets up the split instructions and the user that performs the splitting can be separate users. The Remove Pages function enables users to remove specific pages from a PDF document. A new PDF is created and the original PDF is not affected.

To set up a document split, expand the Split Doc/Remove Pages section and input the document breaks; i.e. 1-5, 6-10, etc. in the Instructions box. Click Add Task and wait for the highlighted confirmation message, Added Split Task. Click Save and close the Doc Viewer.

To execute splits, go to Management->Split PDFs from the main menu. See PDF Split/Remove for more information.


LEP allows users to upload documents that have been translated outside of LEP. Select UPLOAD MANUAL TRANSLATION to upload a PDF version of the translated document. This document will show up in the TRANSLATED tab in the Document Viewer and will also be part of the search index. For bulk language detection and auto translation using LEP, contact Lexbe Sales. See Translation for more information.