Original View

Location:  ->Document Viewer 


From the Document Viewer, click the Original tab.  The original document will be displayed directly in the Document Viewer or a dialog box will appear to allow download of the document in order to open locally, depending on document type and/or specific Browser settings. (Please see In-line Viewing of MS Office Docs for additional information regarding displaying certain MS Office originals directly in the Document Viewer). 

When opening a native/original document in the Document Viewer from the Browse, Search or Fact & Issues pages, there will be a dialog box asking whether to open or save the file.  Both actions will open the document with a specific application related to the file extension.

If the choice is made to save the file, it will download to the local computer.  Click on the file name from the list to open and display. To view a document that is downloaded may require the installation of software on the local computer capable of opening and displaying the document.  

If the choice is made to open the file, it will be opened using the related application on the computer (e.g. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, etc.).

The Original tab will be disabled/grayed out if there is no original (native) file associated with the document (i.e. if the document is part of a TIFF upload).  If, however, there is a native file associated with the TIFF upload, the native file will display in the Original tab.