Notes Tab

Location:  The third tab located near the upper right of the Document Viewer. 


To access the Document Viewer, click any link to a document in the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) from the Search, Browse or Facts & Issues pages. The notes tab will be the third tab in the right-side panel of the Document Viewer. Notes allow users to keep and share information about documents and can be public so others in the case can view them, or private so only the user creating them can see them.

Create Notes

Click the "New Note" hyperlink at the top of the Notes page. This will open the Note Editor as shown below. 

When creating a new note, the user(s) will have the following fields to describe the note:

Page: Refers to which document page the note refers.

Status: The note can be assigned as Private or Shared as desired. Private notes can be viewed only by the user making the note. Shared notes can be viewed by anyone with case access.

Note Title: Short summary title or subject of the note.

Note: Detailed information about the selected document.

Once the desired note has been added to the document, click OK to save the note. 

Search Pages by Document Notes

LEP allows users to open specific pages of a Document (only PDF files) listed on the Notes tab.  To open the page referred to on the Note Document, click on the link 'View Page'.

Edit Notes

Click on Edit (on the right top of Notes window) to edit or make changes to notes in required fields and then click Save or Cancel.

Delete Notes

Users can delete a Note by clicking on Delete in the Notes window. A note cannot be retrieved once deleted.

Viewing all Notes in a Case

All notes added to documents in a case can be viewed from Analysis > Case Notes. See Case Notes for more information.