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A PDF is created for each document when uploaded to Lexbe. When a document is opened in the Document Viewer, selecting the PDF version will allow users to easily scroll through entire document in its converted format.

Viewing PDF Versions of Documents

Click on any document from the Search, Browse, or Facts & Issues pages and select the PDF option in the Document Viewer (Fig. 1).

Large Documents

If a large document is opened, a message similar to Fig. 2 will appear.

Selecting "Switch to Page View" is faster as only one page is opened at a time. By clicking the "Stay in Doc View" option, the entire document will be opened and will take longer, depending on the document size and Internet speed.  The user may switch to Page View by clicking Switch to Page View (faster) or selecting the PAGE tab.

   Fig. 1

    Fig. 2


The Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) uses the Browser PDF plugin installed on the user's computer and associated with the PDF file extension for displaying PDF documents. Depending on the plugin settings, the PDF will either display in-line or open as a separate PDF document. The default setting is to open PDFs within the browser window.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

LEP incorporates a fully functional version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. This functionality will pop up in the upper right and lower right corners of the screen (Browser dependent).