Translated View

Location: Document Viewer >> TRANSLATED


The Document Viewer displays a Translated tab for foreign language documents that have been translated using one of the following methods

  • A third-party translation tool on a local computer;

  • Human translation; or

  • Lexbe's eDiscovery Auto-Translation services.

To access the translated version, click any link to the foreign document in the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform (LEP) from Search, Browse, or Facts & Issues pages. LEP's dual search index will contain both the original language and the translated version, thereby making it possible to find the document searching in either language.

Auto-Translation Services

LEP offers auto-translation services for foreign documents uploaded to the case. Contact your eDiscovery Solutions Director for an Auto-Translation Services quote.

Manual Upload of Translated Documents

The user may manually upload documents that have been translated outside of LEP using a translation tool or a human translator. The translated version must be a saved in PDF file format. Translated documents that are manually uploaded will not delete the original document but instead are added to the same record.

How to Manually Upload a Translated Document

Note that the instructions below assume the user has uploaded foreign documents to a case in LEP and has translated them outside of LEP.

  1. From the Browse or Search pages, click on the title of the document you want to upload a manual translation for.

  2. Navigate to the DOC tab.


  4. Click "Choose File" to select the translation from your desktop (Fig. 2).

  5. Click "UPLOAD" to upload the translation directly into the TRANSLATED tab in the Document Viewer.

  6. Once the upload is complete, refresh the page and the Translated view will display the translation in the Document Viewer (Fig. 3).

      • The original document can still be viewed from the PAGE, PDF, and ORIGINAL tabs.

Downloading Translated Files (one at a time)

From the Translated view, use the Acrobat control icons to download the Translated version outside of a production. From the PDF view, use the Acrobat control icons to download the version which has not been translated. Translated documents are not part of the Download Briefcase generated from the Browse and Search pages. Only the foreign language versions will be available under the ORIGINALS and PDF sub-folders.

Which Version will be in a Production?

Only the PDF and Original versions of the document will be included in a production under the ORIGINALS, PDF, and TEXT sub- folders.

Bulk Upload of Translated Documents

Improved Translation Workflow